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Are you someone’s role model? Lessons from Charles Barkley

Michael Jordan was my hero growing up. Like many other kids, I just wanted to “be like Mike”. I can remember the day he retired (the first time), I wept. And while he would always be my childhood idol, no player from his era has made me laugh more than Charles Barkley. Charles Barkley has […]

Gratitude and Red Bull

On Thanksgiving, we gather around tables and in kitchens. We sit down next to family and friends, pausing long enough in our busy schedules to give thanks. Amidst the football and family drama, we gain some perspective on how much we have and gratitude emerges. I have a question, though. Does this sense of gratitude […]

8 Things to Consider Before You Click “Send”

Is it just me or do things seem to be getting more negative online?  Whether it is the cantankerous nature of the just completed political season or the response to continuing cultural changes, a daily scroll through my social media feeds makes me ponder some wisdom my mom shared with me a long time ago. […]

Welcome to Scott Savage Live!

Welcome to Scott Savage Live. I am so happy you are here! Some of you may be used to reading my writing at my previous home, The Joshua Collective. (I’ve written about the reasons for ending my journey on that site, so I won’t rehash all of those here.) I’m glad you traversed the interwebs […]