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Secrets to Finish: How to Keep Going When You Want to Give Up

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” -Dale Carnegie When to Quit, When to Keep Going, and How to Know the Difference Over the last couple weeks, I’ve tried to provide a grid for you […]

When You Shouldn’t Quit (Hint: When You Feel Like 💩)

It’s incredibly normal to think about quitting. In fact, if you haven’t thought about quitting something in your life in the last couple years, you are in the minority!     The People We Admire Considered Quitting Many of the people we admire both presently and across history have battled the temptation to quit. Stephen […]

Want to Finish Strong? Learn to Quit!

You may have heard the infamous words of legendary football coach Vince Lombardi. Lombardi once said, “a quitter never wins and a winner never quits.” There are two problems with this quote. First, Lombardi stole the quote from a self-help pundit named Napoleon Hill, who wrote the words in his book Think and Grow Rich from 1937. Second, Lombardi […]

The 5 Lies We Believe About Our Identity

Millions of Americans are very concerned with their identities today. Earlier this year, one of the nation’s top 3 leading credit companies, Equifax, was hacked.  143 million people’s information was exposed, leaving many of us carefully watching our credit reports, bank statements, and credit card ledgers. The risk of fraud greatly increased because of the […]

No More Regrets: Wisdom on Living with More Courage

Have you ever walked through a cemetery? It’s kind of a morbid question. But I think most of us have been to a cemetery at one point in our lives. When I walk through the headstones, I read the names and the dates. I notice the brief words families choose to use to describe those […]

Please Take My 2017 Reader Survey

The internet can be a really frustrating place. Bad news. Tragedies around the world. People acting like their worst selves with perceived anonymity. But we don’t go online looking for that kind of stuff. We have enough tough stuff in our own lives. A lot of us go online every day, looking for interesting articles […]

Two Mondays in October: More Than Just a New Perspective

I know a lot of people aren’t big fans of Mondays. Lately, I haven’t been either. Especially in my hometown. Two Mondays in October in Las Vegas Two Mondays ago, I awoke to news of the largest mass shooting in modern American history. In a place I know very well – my hometown – 59 […]

In Danger: How to Sidestep 3 Modern Pitfalls and Still Thrive

It’s a difficult job to be a person who warns of danger. Paul Revere made his famous ride in Boston shouting “The British are coming.” And people responded to that warning so well Americans like me still remember the story today. So, Paul’s story breaks the mold – he’s the outlier. However, we know stories […]

Checking Our Perspectives Before They Wrecks Us

Where you’re looking from informs what you see. That idea shouldn’t be a shocking thought for any of us. We know this from personal experience. If we’re on the front row of a rock show, it’s very different than sitting up in the nosebleeds. What we see through a telescope is very different than what […]

Soul Care is Not Selfish, It’s Strategic

When we aren’t doing well on the inside, the consequences aren’t always as apparent as a fever or red-eyes. Bitterness and unforgiveness may not be visible from a distance. Cynicism shows up subtly in our words and reactions. Loss of perspective can show up slowly and then all at once. And a loss of motivation […]