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Most of us have been hurt by someone we loved and trusted.

However, when we become bitter, we get stuck and often hurt others.

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You are Broken, I am Broken, Everyone is Broken: Interview with Andrew Voigt on Anxiety

Anxiety. It’s the plague of our age. Recent research indicates teenagers and young adults are suffering from anxiety on unprecedented levels. One study indicated 25% of teens and 30% of teen girls suffer from an anxiety disorder. The conversation is changing. While there was a day when mental illness was never discussed and polite terms were […]

Burnout: Giving It All and Gaining Nothing

“You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” -C.S. Lewis An interesting quote from Lewis to say the least. It’s been shared many times by well-respected authors, leaders, and speakers. You may have even heard it before yourself. The only trouble is C.S. Lewis never actually wrote those words. […]

2017 Book Reviews

I’ve always been a reader. These are my beautiful bookshelves! (And I have 15 more books on my desk and over 100 on my Kindle.) Ever since I could remember, I’ve loved reading. I read the newspaper every day as a kid, along with many books. Now, as an adult, I’m reading blogs, articles, eBooks […]

Drowning in a Sea of Casual, Superficial Relationships

“We live in a sea of casual, superficial relationships.” In his book, Building Your Band of Brothers, Stephen Mansfield describes how the idea of a “lone ranger” is a major outlier in our culture and literature. Despite the mythical figures portrayed by men like Clint Eastwood and John Wayne, Mansfield notes the occurrence of men […]

Help! How Do I Forgive? (Start with Empathy)

Have you ever been betrayed by someone and struggled to forgive them? A Shocking Story Eva Kor was held at the Auschwitz death camp during the Holocaust. She and her twin sister were experimented on by Dr. Josef Mengele, a menacing figure within Holocaust history. Kor made news in 2015 when she appeared in court […]

Overcoming Perfectionism: Letting Others Love The Real You

Hi, my name is Scott and I’m a perfectionist. What Perfectionism Feels Like I’m the kind of person who notices what’s wrong more than what’s right. I obsess over one mistake rather than celebrating the many things I did well. I get hung up on how I broke a promise to a friend long after […]

Dunking Over Chandeliers: Breaking the Silence on Shame

There’s an epidemic sweeping our country, including the church. It’s not a disease like ebola. Unlike the most popular searches in Google, I’m not talking today about loneliness, obesity, violence or passable movies. (Although those are all major problems minus the passable movies.) I’m talking about shame. Shame is paralyzing millions of us with a […]

Setbacks, Comebacks and the Urge to Quit

When’s the last time you felt like quitting? A Quitting Epidemic I read an article recently which has been haunting me. The article appeared in The Arizona Republic, the largest newspaper in my state. In the piece, Scott Bordow chronicles a new phenomenon in Arizona high school sports. Over the last year, there has been […]

Hacking Fear in 2017: The Year We Battled and Overcame

Many of us are afraid today. Our fears could cost us this year in ways we cannot comprehend yet. Beth Moore, well-known Bible teacher and author, sent a tweet earlier this month which produced a tremendous reaction. (See the screenshot above) I scrolled through many of the 800+ replies to Moore’s tweet. The stories and experiences […]

10 Moleskine Tips: Setting Up for Maximum Success

Ever get overwhelmed with the information you digest every day? Find yourself forgetting things constantly? Looking for a way to capture meetings, messages, action items, ideas or plans for the future? You need a Moleskine.   As much as I love my MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone, one of my favorite tools is an “analog” one […]