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Video: Do You Expect Resurrection in Others?

Do you expect the people around you to change? Earlier this week, I wrote about what we learn when look back on our past. I explored how our 1998 selves would be surprised to meet our 2015 selves. If we aren’t changing from year to year and decade to decade, something is wrong. Nothing about […]

Learning From Our Past: Looking Back to Move Forward

Anything is possible. On Easter Sunday, in churches all over the world, pastors talk about the transformation and change the Resurrection of Jesus makes possible. Some of us balk at this as sensationalizing or cliche-making. But consider this question. How big is the gap between who you were five or ten years ago and who […]

Video: Do You Expect Resurrection Within Yourself?

  As we prepare to celebrate Easter this weekend, I re-watched a message I gave on the subject of resurrection last summer. I found several clips that I’ll be sharing here over the next few weeks. This clip comes from the section where I talked about where I have experienced resurrection in my own life (hence […]

Waiting Between Not Yet and Not Ever: A Holy Week Reflection

“Waiting is our destiny. As creatures who cannot by themselves bring about what they hope for, we wait in darkness for a flame we cannot light. We wait in fear for a happy ending we cannot write. We wait for a ‘not yet’ that feels like a ‘not ever’.” -Lewis Smedes I do not know […]

A tool to help you move from surviving to thriving

If you feel like you’re just surviving, you’re not alone. Many of us struggle to make the mental shift from survival mode to truly thriving. A friend of mine has used the following tool to help people take steps toward their true identity and wholeness – to move from surviving to thriving. If the difference between surviving and […]

A Heart-Pounding, Voice-Cracking Battle

My heart was racing. “Should I say something or should I just shut up?” The meeting was about to end and we had been asked to share any final thoughts on how things had gone that day. I had a thought…well, a series of thoughts. And the more I pondered them, the faster my heart raced. […]

Social Media, Affirmation and Validation

Have you ever noticed that your greatest need can produce your greatest vulnerability? It seems like a thin line exists between seeking the fulfillment of a genuine need and an unhealthy obsession. It’s one thing to use social media to connect with others and build a sense of community, while it’s quite another to check […]

3 Voices Who Need the Megaphone in Your Life

Every story of success is really a story of community. –Jeff Goins Have you ever noticed that the benefits of a new thing are visible to the masses long before the negative side effects become clear?   The Power of Our Connections For example, the potential for connection and relationship that came through social media […]

The 3 Voices You Need to Evict From Your Life

I love Netflix. I know many of us end up on Netflix each week, spending hours binge-watching our favorite shows or discovering films we saw years ago and then forgot about entirely. Recently, when I was home trying to get through a bout of strep throat followed by pneumonia, I developed a new Netflix obsession. […]

What if your inner voice is your worst enemy?

I love movie trailers. My wife doesn’t understand why I try to get to movies early. Sure, I could watch them all of these trailers on YouTube or iTunes. I just prefer to be surprised and intrigued by what a film could hold watching a two minute trailer on the massive screen. When I saw […]