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A Heart-Pounding, Voice-Cracking Battle

My heart was racing. “Should I say something or should I just shut up?” The meeting was about to end and we had been asked to share any final thoughts on how things had gone that day. I had a thought…well, a series of thoughts. And the more I pondered them, the faster my heart raced. […]

Social Media, Affirmation and Validation

Have you ever noticed that your greatest need can produce your greatest vulnerability? It seems like a thin line exists between seeking the fulfillment of a genuine need and an unhealthy obsession. Speaking of vulnerability, here’s my struggle. I know that my love language is words of affirmation. (To learn more about The 5 Love […]

3 Voices Who Need the Megaphone in Your Life

Every story of success is really a story of community. –Jeff Goins Have you ever noticed that the benefits of a new thing are visible to the masses long before the negative side effects become clear?   The Power of Our Connections For example, the potential for connection and relationship that came through social media […]

The 3 Voices You Need to Evict From Your Life

I love Netflix. I know many of us end up on Netflix each week, spending hours binge-watching our favorite shows or discovering films we saw years ago and then forgot about entirely. Recently, when I was home trying to get through a bout of strep throat followed by pneumonia, I developed a new Netflix obsession. […]

What if your inner voice is your worst enemy?

I love movie trailers. My wife doesn’t understand why I try to get to movies early. Sure, I could watch them all of these trailers on YouTube or iTunes. I just prefer to be surprised and intrigued by what a film could hold watching a two minute trailer on the massive screen. When I saw […]

9 Myths We Believe About Forgiveness (And How Busting Them Can Help Us Find Freedom)

I thought forgiveness was a safe topic for us to discuss. Boy, was I wrong! I can remember leading a series on the subject of forgiveness with college students several years ago when I was a seminary intern at my church. We had come to the end of the curriculum we were using. I found […]

What Do You Do With Your Wounds?

We don’t remember every compliment or encouraging word we receive, but we do struggle to forget the words that wound us and times when we feel betrayed. During a season where I was preparing to serve as a pastor, I was wounded and betrayed. As a seminary student, I was required to take a practicum […]

Is regret a good thing or a bad thing?

What is your biggest regret? If your name is Jimmy Fallon, then your recent interview with Nicole Kidman may have changed your answer. (If you missed this interview, it’s hilarious and well worth 9 minutes. But back to the blog…) When I think about regret, I think about one night during my senior year of high […]

How can I overcome fear with courage?

Love makes us do dumb things. I know from first-hand experience. I met my wife during my first year of seminary. She was attending the church where I was on staff. We got to know each other as she became involved in a program I was leading. Like any couple in the 21st-century, our relationship […]

8 New Ways to Deal with Your Fears

What are you afraid of? Chances are you probaly have one of the top human phobias. Many of you are afraid of things like public speaking, death, blood, spiders, snakes, heights, darkness, rats, confined spaces, the dentist, thunderstorms, zombies, clowns, needles, and crowds. Needless to say, we have a lot of fears! While these kind […]