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5 Stages on the Road from Cynicism to Hope

“How did you get over your cynicism?” As I’ve shared the story of my journey from cynicism to hope, friends have come to me with concern for someone they love who is stuck in cynicism. I had one conversation just a few days ago with someone about their boss and how they seem to be […]

Hope Opposers

Cynicism isn’t hard to understand. You simply need to close your eyes and engage your imagination once you read these three words, “high school cafeteria.” One of my friends talks about cynicism being the head table in the proverbial high school cafeteria. I still cackle when I think of his mental image of cynicism. He […]

Telling the Truth

I had a problem with credit cards. The truth is I had a major problem! When I got my first job where I actually made decent money, I began living at a level I really enjoyed. The problem was when the job ended, my spending didn’t change. With the help of VISA and MasterCard, I kept […]

The Secret No One Tells You at the Beginning

There’s a secret no one tells you when you first start doing something. But before I let you in on it, I’ve got a question for you. Do you remember the first time you did something you’re really good at now? If you’re a teacher, think about the first time you student-taught. If you’re in […]

Want to Quit? 5 Habits to Keep Us Going

The first thing I did as a college student was drop out. I dropped my first class of college on the first day of school before I even ate lunch. My “brilliant” admissions counselor had assured me taking Anatomy & Physiology as a freshman with an undeclared major wouldn’t be a big deal, even with a […]

A Tool for Connection or a Comparison Game?

Is it possible to have a conversation about the dangers of social media if you found this article through social media? Is that too ironic?! Let’s give it a shot anyway. I read an article over the weekend – it was a tough piece about a gut-wrenching subject (trigger warning: the article explores the suicide […]

FOMO: What You Should Really Be Afraid of Missing Out On

How would you fill in this blank? “I’m self-conscious around other people because I secretly believe they think I’m ________________.”  I’ve been writing a lot about fear lately and how vital it is we act with courage in the face of fear. I believe fear stops many of us from making important decisions, embracing necessary […]

You’re Feeling Overwhelmed? It Might Not Be a Bad Thing

We go to the gym to get stretched. I know it seems like it’s the place to take selfies in the mirror these days, but that’s not the point! For the athlete and the trainer, the goal is to find the sweet spot where the muscles are stretched beyond comfort but before injury. That spot lies […]

One Simple Way You Could Change Someone’s Life

If you’re looking to connect with other people and make a difference in the world, here’s one place you can start: You have actually experienced it already. You may have just missed it up until now… To see what you’ve been missing, I need you to re-connect with your inner child for a couple minutes […]

Where have you been hiding?

“Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy. We’re afraid, so we act out of fear, and because we act out of fear, our fears tend to come true.” -Allison Vesterfelt Fear keeps us from the future we’re pursuing and the lives we want. Because of fear, we hide from our calling and stay in safe, comfortable places. I feel […]