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Celebrate Every Win!

When we got married in 2008, my wife and I were $220,000 in debt…without a mortgage. Between student loans, a car payment, a personal loan and a load of credit card debt, we were in a bad spot. Finances created a lot of tension in our relationship and discussing them during pre-marital counseling was extremely […]

Agency: The One Thing You Can Control

What do you have the power to do? Some friends and I were sitting over coffee recently, discussing the way our negative emotions (fear, anxiety, anger) are not necessarily bad for us. We talked about how guilt is different than shame, how anxiety is different than panic, and how anger is different than rage. We […]

Reframing changed my life and it can change yours!

I made a big mistake! Have you ever made a big mistake and didn’t realize it for a while? I did. I launched my ebook, Greater, in March 2015. It was the first book I had ever written. It helped double my email list over the last four months and I’ve received messages from many […]

From My Summer to Yours: Books, Videos, Articles and a Podcast

Ahhh…summer! I’m taking some time away with my family this week. While I’m away, I wanted to share some content with you that you may have missed, along with some great material that has been inspiring me to overcome fear and live with greater courage and hope! Video Teaching Recently, I’ve been regularly speaking at […]

Fear: The One Choice Which Changes Everything

Fear almost kept me from a future with my wife. When we first started hanging out as friends, I realized how out of my league she was. She was an attorney, while I had just graduated from college and was interning at a church. She was 5’11. Me? 5’9″ (This problem only got worse when […]

The 3 Most Important Muscles We Have

Do you ever get to the end of the day and feel defeated? Like you’re tapping out because the day hit you with a right hook and you’ve faceplanted into the canvas? Those nights are not fun for any of us. We sit back and wonder, “what went so wrong today?!” I wrapped up a […]

Your Criticism Checklist: 10 Steps to Responding Wisely

“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing” —Aristotle If you lead other people, take any sort of position with conviction, or attempt anything courageous in this world, you will get criticized! This certainty is right up there with death and taxes. Everyone has an opinion and thanks […]

The Friend You Need and Need to Be

Last year, I began a presentation on the power of friendship with two scenarios. First, imagine you won a trip for you and four people to anywhere in the world. No one will get mad if you don’t pick them. Who is coming with you? Second, imagine you just got “that call” from your doctor where he […]

Before you decide to abandon your dream…

Have you ever heard the term “overnight success”? An overnight success is a person or organization who saw their dream come true. They moved from anonymous to celebrity very quickly without much explanation. They seem to go from unknown, normal, nobody to important, celebrity, and influential in a very brief time. This person might be […]

Change That Tune: 4 Life-Changing Identity Shifts

Several years ago, I received an incredible birthday present. A friend of mine gave me two tickets to see Coldplay in concert! The tickets were in a suite with unlimited food and drinks. He told me to pick a friend to take with me. When my wife decided to pass and the giver of the […]