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One of the biggest barriers to hope today is pain in our past. A lot of that pain comes from people who hurt us deeply.

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Is regret a good thing or a bad thing?

What is your biggest regret? If your name is Jimmy Fallon, then your recent interview with Nicole Kidman may have changed your answer. (If you missed this interview, it’s hilarious and well worth 9 minutes. But back to the blog…) When I think about regret, I think about one night during my senior year of high […]

How can I overcome fear with courage?

Love makes us do dumb things. I know from first-hand experience. I met my wife during my first year of seminary. She was attending the church where I was on staff. We got to know each other as she became involved in a program I was leading. Like any couple in the 21st-century, our relationship […]

8 New Ways to Deal with Your Fears

What are you afraid of? Chances are you probaly have one of the top human phobias. Many of you are afraid of things like public speaking, death, blood, spiders, snakes, heights, darkness, rats, confined spaces, the dentist, thunderstorms, zombies, clowns, needles, and crowds. Needless to say, we have a lot of fears! While these kind […]

The Two Most Important Words in Your Vocabulary

Jim Carrey has played a lot of characters. He has been a crazy cable repair man, a masked madman, the Grinch, the clueless co-owner of a pet grooming business, and the Riddler. In 2008, Carrey starred in Yes Man, a film where he vows to answer “Yes!” to every opportunity, request or invitation that comes […]

Encouragement for Resolution-Makers and Resolution-Haters

Are you the kind of person who makes resolutions or hates resolutions? In the United States, we’re a divided nation when it comes to resolutions. According to a study released by the University of Scranton in January 2014, 45% of Americans usually make resolutions, 17% do so infrequently and 38% absolutely never make them. Considering […]

5 Things 2014 Taught Me

Do you get reflective during the last few days of the year? As crazy and frenetic as our schedules get during December, it seems like small moments of quiet and unexpected patches of stillness magically appear. When those times comes, we often look back and discover what the year taught us and what we learned […]

Re-negotiating Your Relationship With Your Inner Critic

Pixar makes movies that that stir us and make us laugh. Toy Story. Cars. Up. The Incredibles. Finding Nemo. Monsters Inc.  Their 2015 film, Inside Out, was one of my favorites movies of last year. And my son loved visiting the theater in 2016 to watch Finding Dory. I’m not sure if it is Pixar’s attention to […]

How Do You Focus on What Matters Most?

It was nearly noon on a warm June day. My dad was in the driver’s seat as our family traveled from our home in Las Vegas, Nevada to visit my grandparents in Roswell, New Mexico. As we passed through a one gas-station town in Northern Arizona along Interstate 40, my mom asked, “Honey, do you […]

Are you someone’s role model? Lessons from Charles Barkley

Michael Jordan was my hero growing up. Like many other kids, I just wanted to “be like Mike”. I can remember the day he retired (the first time), I wept. And while he would always be my childhood idol, no player from his era has made me laugh more than Charles Barkley. Charles Barkley has […]

Gratitude and Red Bull

On Thanksgiving, we gather around tables and in kitchens. We sit down next to family and friends, pausing long enough in our busy schedules to give thanks. Amidst the football and family drama, we gain some perspective on how much we have and gratitude emerges. I have a question, though. Does this sense of gratitude […]