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I am grateful for my friends across the interwebs who allow me to share my work with their tribes. If I can help you with a guest post or writing project, please email me at 

I’ve been a frequent contributor at,,, and

How to Serve in a Church Without Losing Your Soul

10 Truths You Need to Know About Calling

The Cure for An Identity Crisis

The Difference Between Accountability and Shaming

Why All Christians Should Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Why Relationships Are Worth the Risk of Getting Hurt

Forgiveness Isn’t An Option

9 Big Myths About Forgiveness

Fear, Anxiety, and the Power of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Social Media Addiction is Real: Here’s How You Can Break It


How to Finish Strong: The Secret You Already Know

I Hate Eggshells: Why We Avoid Tough Conversations and What We Risk in the Process

Don’t Waste A Crisis: How the Worst Thing Ever Brought Us Together

Leadership is Love: Loving and Leading a Diverse Team

From Frustration to Friend: How Building Common Ground Brought Us Together

Is Anyone Listening? Lessons from the Best Graduation Speeches

What Would You Tell 18-Year-Old You?

When You Want to Give Up: Responding to Frustrations While Leading Change

Bacon, Tom Brokaw, and Me: This is How We Change the World

The 5 Most Important Hats You Can Wear as a Leader This Year

This is About That: Deconstructing Your Approach to Preparation

Undervalued: Why Preparation is Your Next Best Investment

Receiving Leadership Via A New Antenna

Hoarders: Leadership Edition

How Successful People Manage Their Time

Leaving Well: 9 Steps to Shape Your Legacy

Are You Living For the Weekend?

The One Job You Cannot Delegate to Someone Else

5 Mistakes of a Young Leader

4 Qualities That Help Build Community

7 Strategies of Tough Conversations

7 Benefits of Tough Conversations

5 Things The Intern Teaches Us About Multi-Generational Workplaces

How Do You Lead Those Who are Older Than You?

5 Lessons on the Road from Intern to Executive Team

Entitlement is Stealing Our Future


My Financial Story: Debt, Generosity. and Talking About Money (Money Problems)

Friendships Mess Everything Up (Immigration)

Criticizing, Creating, and Getting Your Hands Dirty (Criticism)

When Shame Goes Viral (Shame)

For God So Loved Us…Unconditionally? (Identity)

The Space for Second Chances (Forgiveness)

Reframing Our Experience (Hope)

The Most Important Twenty Seconds Ever (Courage)

The Committee Inside Our Heads (Voices which influence us)

Staying Can Take You Where You Want to Be (Commitment and Faithfulness)

Your Faith Needs a Little Doubt (Faith and Doubt)

Staying Focused in An Age of Squirrel (Productivity and Focus)

The Internet is a Tattoo (Tips for Digital Communication)

Stealing Your Future (Entitlement and Gratitude)

Faking It Until You Miss It (Arrogance and Humility)

Roots and Fruits (Bitterness and Forgiveness)

Throwing Rocks and Building Houses (Cynicism and Creativity)

QARA logo Paul Sohn millennials calling


This Pastor Started Marriage with $210,000 in Debt. Here’s How He Found Freedom 10 Years Later. 

Top 9 Temperaments of Millenials Who Connect with God. Which One Are You?

This Terrifying Question Could Change Your Life

3 Surprising Lessons I Learned About My Identity at Work

The Cure for An Identity Crisis


I have written guest posts for the following sites where I’m a regular reader and growing friend of the editors/publishers.


St. Patrick: An Ancient Model for Modern Leaders

Hope > Cynicism


Writers, Farmers, and Winemakers: Models for Successful Millennial Living

Open Letter to Alexis Bloomer

10 Steps You Can Take Today To Improve Your Relationships Tomorrow

5 Ways to Recover Financially

4 Secrets You Don’t Hear at the Start

5 Indispensable Habits All Finishers Possess

Tip of the Day: Create a Criticism Checklist


10 Myths About Forgiveness – Part 2

10 Myths About Forgiveness – Part 1

A Different Kind of Karaoke

How Can We Live Lives of Authenticity?

Friendship in a Facebook World

3 Lessons About Leading People Who Are Older Than You


3 Ways to Relentlessly Reject Cynicism


Ministry Burnout to Spiritual Renewal: 5 Lessons

preaching donkey plus graphic
5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Preaching Team Meeting


The Dangers of Cynicism
Searching for Buried Treasure
Five Ways to Unplug


You Cannot Become Like Christ on Your Own


Transforming Schools, Transforming Communities

Flourishing Without Boundaries


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