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We trust the people we love.

We let them get very close to us. Close enough to love us...and hurt us.

So, when he lies or she cheats...

when the people who share our name don’t share our best interests...

we go numb.

All we think about day and night is how much they hurt us.

How could they do this? And are we going to let them get away with it?!

It’s completely normal to struggle with forgiveness.

But it’s also completely dangerous to embrace anger, bitterness and resentment.

While we may feel powerful in our rage and pursuit of revenge, we’re actually deepening our victimization.

Refusing to forgive imprisons and injures us, not the one(s) who hurt us. Unforgiveness is the poison which destroys us.

Hi, my name is Scott.

I used to be sick and imprisoned myself.

I battled the ABC's of self-destruction (Anger, Bitterness, and Cynicism). I couldn’t get over the broken promises, empty words, and violated trust of leaders I once admired.

Someone told me I should forgive these leaders, but I wasn’t ready to forgive.

After all, didn’t forgiveness mean I had to forget what happened?

Didn’t forgiveness mean we had to reconcile and become friends again?

My Big Discovery

In the middle of my battle, I made a very important discovery.

I had been taught myths about forgiveness. Half-truths and lies which prevented me from experiencing the real thing.

As I began to read and study more about forgiveness, I started replacing these myths with truths. I began to experience freedom from the anger, bitterness and cynicism.

I decided other people need to know what I learned. I compiled my research and experience into an eBook, which has now been read by hundreds of people.

An Expert Opinion on Forgiveness

I received a surprising email from one reader, a woman who has spent decades prosecuting sex crimes and helping victims. She knows a lot about anger, bitterness, and cynicism!

"I recently struggled with forgiving the betrayal of a friend. Common notions of forgiveness simply did not work. Forgiveness was taking a long time and reconciliation had not yet come. As a Christian, I questioned myself. Scott’s e-book spoke from a biblical perspective and in a way that other publications did not by discussing the process of forgiveness and the distinction from reconciliation. It was so helpful that I have sent it to friends who have been facing similar struggles. Scott’s message has resonated with them - both young and old, Christian and non-Christian. This ebook opened the door for discussions about the connection between the ability to forgive and the experience of having been forgiven.”

I Want to Help You, Too!

I want you to help you the same way I helped this prosecutor and these traumatized victims.

My eBook, Forgiveness: From Myth to Reality, is short, accessible resource which identifies the many myths which have emerged from bad teaching on the subject of forgiveness. I replace these myths with the truth about forgiveness, located with my experience, the experience of others, and the pages of the Scriptures. Over the last 14 years, I’ve served as a pastor, mentoring and counseling people of all ages. As a pastor, I’ve seen hundreds, even thousands, of people finally discover the freedom they longed for as they engaged this content.

If you enter your email address below, I will send you a PDF copy of Forgiveness: From Myth to Reality. Within 30-45 minutes, you’ll be empowered with a new perspective on forgiveness. You’ll discard the ideas you’ve been taught about forgiveness and you’ll no longer feel alone - as if you’re the only one who struggles with letting go. (All in the same time it would take you to watch one episode of your favorite show on Netflix!)

No Sugar-Coating Here!

This book isn’t all ideas, though. The PDF concludes with three practical, tangible activities you can engage to put what you’ve learned into action. After reading an early draft, my friend Auburn emailed me this note.

“I REALLY liked this book! Short, to the point, full of wisdom. Each section gives you plenty to think about and causes you to really ask yourself some deep questions. I like how you’re honest and don’t sugar-coat the forgiveness process. People are really going to benefit from it!”

Auburn was right - I don't sugarcoat things. I'll be real with you - this process isn't easy, quick or comfortable. I don't want you to be surprised. You’ve been battling emotional pain already and it may get worse as you move through the forgiveness process. But, on the other side of forgiveness, you’ll find a freedom you’ve been dreaming about, a freedom you deserve.

Are you ready?

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