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Welcome to My Blog (An Introduction)

Hi! My name is Scott. I’m a pastor and writer.

My first two ebooks, The Greater Than Challenge: A Guide to Reframing Your Life and Forgiveness: From Myth to Reality have been read by hundreds of people who now see their lives differently. My newest resource, The Hope Manifesto: Why We Need You to Fight Cynicism and Fear Today.

I believe our world is starving for hope and a new perspective. In a world where fear and cynicism get all the news (their mantra is “if it bleeds, it leads”), we tend to focus on what’s wrong with the world, not what’s right nor what could be.

I’ve dedicated myself to be a voice of hope.

On this site, I write about a variety of subjects, focused on empowering you with a new perspective. I hope this page gives you an idea of what to expect here.

If you need help with gaining a new perspective or need a dose of hope and encouragement, then sign up to receive my updates below. I send out an email every Tuesday. I will also pass along a free copy of my new manifesto, The Hope Manifesto: Why We Need You to Fight Cynicism and Fear Today.

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What other people are saying about Scott’s writing and teaching

“The first time I heard Scott speak, I felt like I was the only person in the room, like he was talking directly to me.”
-Tyrann Mathieu
All-Pro Safety, Arizona Cardinals

“Scott writes with wit, wisdom, and authenticity.”
-Paul Angone
Best-selling author of 101 Secrets For Your Twenties

“Scott has a unique ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple manner. He says common things in uncommon ways.”
-Paul Solotaroff
Pulitzer-Prive nominated journalist
Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone and Men’s Journal

“Our students thoroughly enjoyed getting to hear from Scott.”
-Danielle Rinnier
Director of Spiritual Life, Grand Canyon University

“Scott leaves his readers with an enduring sense of hope.”
-Tim Hoiland
CEO, Hoiland Media

“Scott’s work was spot-on!”
-Hilary Barnett
CEO, Savvee Social

“For the last decade, I have been reading and listening to Scott Savage. His honesty and transparency remain raw and unapologetic.”
-Jason Isaak
Host of the Arizona Originals Podcast


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Scott Savage Headshot

Who is Scott Savage, really?

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, where my dad has been a pastor for nearly 35 years. When I was growing up, I wanted to be one of three things – a garbageman, a ESPN SportsCenter anchor or the White House Press Secretary. I gave up the garbageman dream when they came to pick up our trash during Thanksgiving dinner. Later, I realized I like playing sports more than talking about them 24/7. And when I saw repeated press secretaries resign every two years, I decided I was a bad liar and didn’t want to go bald so quickly.

I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for 14 years. During that time, I graduated from Grand Canyon University with my Bachelors in Theology and Gateway Seminary with my Masters in Divinity.

I’ve served in Christian ministry for 14 years, both on a college campus and in a local church. In July 2016, I became Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Church in Prescott, Arizona.

I married Danalyn (an attorney) in 2008. We are the parents of three awesome kids, including a pair of twins. (We call them our “littles Savages.”)

When I’m not pastoring, writing, or changing a dirty diaper, I like to read, exercise, watch Arizona Cardinals football, discover new restaurants, and spend time with my friends drinking good coffee.

I write about a variety of subjects – from faith to productivity to funny YouTube videos. I try to keep things interesting with a lot of personal stories – most of which about how much I have to learn and how it is okay to not be okay. I am a pastor and a follower of Jesus, so do not be surprised if you find links to sermons or references to Scripture.

But, I want to be clear. You do not have to be a follower of Jesus to read this blog. Everyone needs hope, encouragement, and inspiration, regardless of what your relationship to faith looks like. I do my best to create a space where respect, generosity, and honor flourish. We do not feed the trolls around here and I know where to find the “delete comment” button.

My past includes walking a road from idealism to cynicism to hope. I am still walking that road and convinced none of us have it all together. If you want to be honest and real, this is a safe place. It is okay to not be okay.

Several years ago, my friends gave me a safe space to process the hurt I encountered, so I could come to the place where I discovered a renewed hope and more courage. If this place becomes that for you, I would be honored and grateful.

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I have an entire page dedicated to the resources I leverage to get my message out and consistently improve my writing.

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Looking for hope?

Enter your email below to get a free copy of The Hope Manifesto: Why We Need You to Fight Cynicism and Fear Today!

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