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Rediscover Why: What To Do When You Feel Discouraged

Do you ever feel like giving up? Throwing in the towel? I think we’ve all been there. We get tired, burned out, frustrated and discouraged. When we get discouraged, we start considering things we would’ve never considered otherwise. Our fatigue fuels our fears and we pull back from pursuing our sense of purpose and calling. […]

The Same Struggle: You’re Not Alone and It’s Okay

Do you ever get tired of struggling with the same thing? Ever feel like you’ve been dealing with the same struggle your whole life? I meet so many people who talk about how they battled the same weakness, problem, or tendency for years. This experience shocked me, learning how common it is to circle the […]

Words: You are More Powerful Than You Realize

We’ve all experienced the power of words. A few words from someone we admired sent us soaring with confidence or imagination. A few words of a different sort from someone we loved cut us to the core, wounding us deeply. Words can build someone up or send them crashing down. It’s amazing how even after […]

Self-Awareness: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

It’s scary how rare self-awareness is. Scary. One of the best examples of this truth was seen on American Idol. I used to love watching Idol, but I normally bailed on the show after the audition phase. I watched the entire season where Jordin Sparks won because she was from Phoenix, where I was living […]

Exercising Your Five Most Important Muscles

Are you happy? Let me be more specific. I’m not wondering if you skipped down the sidewalk today or if you’ve had a good deep laugh this morning. Are you satisfied with where you are? Are you where thought you would be? Content? I don’t think it has ever been more difficult to be satisfied and […]

7 Steps to Radically Change Your Friendships

Did you know who you’re with changes how you experience life? Scientific research has proven laughter is contagious and it grows in groups. (This explains why we laugh louder when we watch funny movies with friends versus when we watch them alone). We cheer louder and more intensely feel the action in sporting events when […]

The Resistance: 7 Ways You Can Stand Against the Wind

Have you ever been to Vegas? One of my favorite activities growing up was going to a Pirate Show. (I grew up in Las Vegas and the show was free!) If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas or seen pictures, you’ve likely discovered the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. Steve Wynn is the brains behind […]

Be Present (Even When It’s the Last Thing You Want)

“Did she really just do that?” Those words flew through my mind one afternoon in the checkout line. My wife and I were shopping a local market. As we stood in the checkout line, the clerk scanned our items and we waited for the total bill. I scrolled through my emails on my smartphone, as […]

Preparation: What We Want in a Season We Hate

Aristotle once said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is in a great battle.” Are you in a battle today? Each of us comes from a different background. Yet, one of the things which unites us is pain. Struggle. Suffering. While these occur for us at varying degrees, we’ve all been wounded, defeated and hurt. The […]

2016 Olympics: 3 Lessons from the Games in Rio

Are you an Olympics fan? The Olympics have a power to pull in even those people who wouldn’t consider themselves sports fans. Maybe it is the compelling story lines or the patriotism. Maybe it’s the intrigue of seeing if anyone will get sick from the green swimming pools. (I know some of you twisted people […]