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We all want meaningful relationships. But betrayal and disappointment gets in the way. Like you, I’ve struggled to forgive and been became frustrated by all of unhelpful resources I found. I wrote this ebook to empower people, enabling them to bust myths and experience the reality of forgiveness. When we remain bitter, we remain stuck and hurt others. Will you allow me to guide you from being stuck to experiencing the freedom forgiveness? Enter your email below and I’ll send you a copy right away.

Christmas: A Better Way Than Getting More

What are you hoping to get for Christmas? A lot of the conversation, especially for those of us who are younger, is about what we’re going to get for Christmas. But as many of us get older, we realize that many years we have the same experience. The Christmas presents have been opened, we’ve generated […]

Wonder: Rediscovering What You’ve Lost

Have you lost your sense of wonder? In 2000, country singer Lee Ann Womack released her biggest album ever, headlined by the title track, “I Hope You Dance.” The first line of this hit song was “I hope you never lose your sense of wonder.” Womack’s hit song touches on a variety of common human experiences, albeit […]

Straight Talk on Overcoming Disillusionment

In 2009, I had my second brush with death. Driving home from the gym, I looked down to put my phone in the pocket of my basketball shorts, thinking that I would be less tempted to text and be distracted while driving. As I looked down, I passed through a small intersection where there was […]

Gratitude: Your Hidden Superpower

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what would you take with you? Do you remember this icebreaker question? I’m not sure whether it was in school or church youth group, but I remember countless conversations around this question. Beyond the boring answers from unimaginiaitve people (a satellite phone/radio to call for help or […]

The Path to Reclaiming Your Identity

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” -E.E. Cummings Who are you? Imagine meeting someone for the first time. What you tell them about who you are? One of my favorite movies as a child was Hook. Hook is a delightful film, based on the world of Peter Pan. In […]

Anxiety: Struggling and Telling Others About Our Struggle

“We’re all struggling. Yet we’re all struggling to make it appear like we’re not struggling.” -Paul Angone We’re pretty crazy people. I mean, we want authenticity from others but we avoid ourselves. Best-selling author, Pete Wilson, once wrote, “Authenticity is the cry of all but the game of few.” Social media is one place where […]

Scared? 3 Ways We Respond to Our Greatest Fears

What is your greatest fear? It has been said that our greatest fears are things like public speaking, death, failure, the dark, spiders, heights, and rejection. If you have one of these fears – or you know someone who does – you know the great lengths we humans will go to in order to avoid […]

Rediscover Why: What To Do When You Feel Discouraged

Do you ever feel like giving up? Throwing in the towel? I think we’ve all been there. We get tired, burned out, frustrated and discouraged. When we get discouraged, we start considering things we would’ve never considered otherwise. Our fatigue fuels our fears and we pull back from pursuing our sense of purpose and calling. […]

The Same Struggle: You’re Not Alone and It’s Okay

Do you ever get tired of struggling with the same thing? Ever feel like you’ve been dealing with the same struggle your whole life? I meet so many people who talk about how they battled the same weakness, problem, or tendency for years. This experience shocked me, learning how common it is to circle the […]

Words: You are More Powerful Than You Realize

We’ve all experienced the power of words. A few words from someone we admired sent us soaring with confidence or imagination. A few words of a different sort from someone we loved cut us to the core, wounding us deeply. Words can build someone up or send them crashing down. It’s amazing how even after […]