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Be Present (Even When It’s the Last Thing You Want)

“Did she really just do that?” Those words flew through my mind one afternoon in the checkout line. My wife and I were shopping a local market. As we stood in the checkout line, the clerk scanned our items and we waited for the total bill. I scrolled through my emails on my smartphone, as […]

Preparation: What We Want in a Season We Hate

Aristotle once said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is in a great battle.” Are you in a battle today? Each of us comes from a different background. Yet, one of the things which unites us is pain. Struggle. Suffering. While these occur for us at varying degrees, we’ve all been wounded, defeated and hurt. The […]

2016 Olympics: 3 Lessons from the Games in Rio

Are you an Olympics fan? The Olympics have a power to pull in even those people who wouldn’t consider themselves sports fans. Maybe it is the compelling story lines or the patriotism. Maybe it’s the intrigue of seeing if anyone will get sick from the green swimming pools. (I know some of you twisted people […]

Unlearn: A New Perspective On Change and Growth

Have you ever developed a bad habit which you had to unlearn later? Like you started chewing on one side of your mouth because of a toothache but never stopped? Or you hit the snooze button leaving you in a rush every morning? One bad habit has nagged me for years. I started eating quickly […]

Forgiveness: Because Ignoring the Pain Isn’t Working

At the beginning of 2016, I made a prediction while teaching a big group. “I promise you two things will happen this year – someone will disappoint you and you will disappoint someone else.” Now, this wasn’t the level of Nostradamus and no sports book in Vegas would’ve taken the bet. But I believed it. I’m […]

Compass or Map? Finding Our Way Forward

When was the last time you got lost? I mean, really lost! Our family moved to a new city recently and I’ve been really intentional about making sure I know where I’m going as I venture out and explore. I don’t like getting lost and I’m grateful I have ended up where I needed to […]

The Empty Promises of Busy

“How are you doing?” “Busy, man. So busy.” You’ve had this kind of conversation recently. Maybe you ran into a friend at a coffee shop or at church. Over lunch with a friend, you’re catching up about life and one word pops up again and again. Busy. Isn’t it ironic how many of the technological […]

Oversharing: How to Not Be “That Guy”

Oversharing. That phenomenon when someone gives you a blow-by-blow of every thought and action during their day. “Hey I’m awake…Here’s the bathroom I’m about to use…here’s the lunch I just ate…OMG, I’m so bored at work…WOW, that ending on Game of Thrones…Okay, goodnight Twitter.” Oversharing has always been in the eye of the beholder, but […]

Kevin Durant and 3 Identity Mantras for the Rest of Us

I don’t envy basketball-superstar Kevin Durant one bit. If you were online at all in the last couple days, you probably noticed a little bit (or a lot depending on who you follow) of conversation around Kevin Durant’s decision to join the Golden State Warriors, one of the top teams in the NBA. Durant has […]

The Joy Deception: 5 Life-Changing Discoveries

What comes to mind when you hear the word “joy”? For years, when I heard the word “joy”, nothing good came to mind. First, I thought joy meant choosing to be happy when I obviously wasn’t or when the circumstances I was in sucked. And that sounded no fun. Second, when I heard that word, I […]